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What’s Spinning?

Since it is our semestral break, I’ve been digging up my computer, searching my way through YouTube, and trying out my friends’ suggestions on music. What’s hot, what’s new, what’s trending, what has the sickest beat drops and relatable lyrics, what’s great for jamming and for shower performances and the like.

DISCLAIMER: All of my thoughts in this post are my own opinion. Reader discretion (and reaction control) is advised.

So, given the liberty to share some sensible thoughts on this online journal, I now share to you some songs, albums and artists I have been checking out lately:

1: Lorde- The Love Club

Image Image

(photos courtesy of Google Images)

Her music is catchy, soothing and eclectic. Just a while ago, while having my nails done, I heard that she broke Alanis Morissette’s record ( I just don’t know which in particular but the DJ told it on air) when she was just 16 years old! Coming from New Zealand, she has just released her new single entitled “Royals” which was released just in time when Prince George, the son of Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was born.

2: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience


(photo courtesy of spin.com) 

The long wait has been over when JT finally released his new album entitled “The 20/20 Experience”. When you listen to this entire album, it is like a concert of its own. Each song can definitely put you in a different mood. Being the total performer that he is, JT recently won the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs!!!!! I’d highly recommend “That Girl” and “Mirrors” as some songs you start listening to, and swear you’ll get that JT vibe.

3: He Is We- Blame It On The Rain


(screengrab from heiswefansite.com)

Well, I discovered He Is We through a friend’s suggestion and I totally fell in love with their lyrics. I started listening to “Happily Ever After”, “Pardon Me” and some of their other songs but what really got me was “Blame It On The Rain”. Their lyrics are totally relatable, and it has a feel-good vibe. Perfect for a quiet weekend at home or in your “happy place” (if you have one).

4: Up Dharma Down’s “Oo” and “Tadhana”


(photo courtesy of Google Images) 

Some of my friends said that Up Dharma Down was “the greatest thing that happened to OPM”. Well, certainly, I really think they’re right. UDD is the coolest, most soothing and delicately-made Original Pilipino Music I have ever heard. I’m just at a loss for words. They are exceptional. They’ve released their new album, “Capacities” and as of the moment I am checking out more of their music.

5: The XX- Coexist


(photo courtesy of thexx.info) 

This British Indie trio’s music is really something to watch out for. Their music can give you a mix of various emotions occurring all at once. The rhythm, beat and melody of their songs are really, really good. If you want a relaxing, emotional and a completely different music experience, listen to The XX’s Coexist. You will definitely be satisfied.

These are some of the artists and songs I’ve been listening to recently. I look forward to discovering more music that is beyond my playlists’ good ol’ genre range. ‘Til the next post! xx 


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