Take Me Back to La Union


It’s been 2-3 days since I last posted here, and I can remember that I have an obligatory blog post right after my La Union trip. So, here it goes.

Each year my family goes to La Union every once in a while or at least once a year for different family events, most especially the All Saints and All Souls Day. It’s the time of the year to commemorate our dead loved ones and the memories we’ve shared with them when they were here with us. Being so, our family were able to spend quality time together within the 2-3 [or more, in some cases] days of our stay. It is a bit hard to narrate all of the happenings in one lengthy paragraph, so I might as well give you a rundown.

30th of October: Departure date. All packed, prepped and ready to go! It was an exhausting 6-7 hour drive from Manila, but once we got there, it was all worth it. We took a stopover at the municipality of Agoo, La Union the province’s oldest municipality. I really like it when we pass through the area, because it is really a heritage feast for the eyes. What I really marveled at [ever since I was a kid was Agoo’s Church, the Basilica of Our Lady of Charity. Like OLA Church (the church I talked about on my past blog post), the Basilica boasts a unique Catholic heritage and exceptional aesthetic appeal.


Basilica of Our Lady of Charity, Agoo, La Union

31st of October: It was the day for some R & R. Early in the morning, me and my cousin went swimming on the beautiful shores of Paratong Beach (we fondly call it Pandan) in Bacnotan, La Union. Our entire family grew up spending time together by this beach. It was high tide, so we really enjoyed swimming! Here are some snapshots:




(photos taken with a Nikon D3200) 

1st of November: Today’s the day when people swarm the cemeteries in order to remember their dead loved ones. First thing in the morning we prepared to stay for a short while at the cemeteries to bond together, light a candle by the graves and have really meaningful talks. Soon after, me and my cousins went resort-hopping. It was really great to be inside the best resorts in La Union. First stop was at Kahuna Resort, located at the municipality of San Juan, the surfing capital of the North. I mean it– the waves are really high and surf-legit! Just last October 24-27, the 8th La Union Surfing Break: Soul Surf happened right at this resort, and too bad we weren’t able to come.


Got stoked in La Union! [Disclaimer: I really was, but unfortunately I haven’t experienced surfing yet. 😦 ] 


The sea is the classroom and the waves are the teachers here at the San Juan Surf School. 


Kahuna Resort (with my Ate looking over haha!)


Surfing students braving the big waves at the San Juan Surf School. 

Right after Kahuna, we went straight to Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point, City of San Fernando. This place really resembles Santorini, Greece!!!!


Santorini feels! 


Just within San Fernando, is another place to treat your taste buds. It’s at the famous Halo Halo de Iloko. All the food they serve and most especially their Halo Halo is simply to die for!!!!

This Halo Halo is really delectable and delicious! 


I can say that my La Union trip was really worthwhile and memorable [and I’m still hungover]. It was a great way to end my semestral break and go back to school anew. I hope that I can still post more blog-worthy stuff as the 2nd sem [and all the busy school work days] starts on November 4.  ‘Til the next post! xx 


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