Logical Hangover


So yesterday was the first day of classes for the second semester, and I would like to talk about not the entirety of my day but just the one hour that really stood out, my logic class.

So our professor started off by saying: “Magdasal tayo na kunwari Kristiyano tayo.” (Let’s pretend to pray like Christians.)

That statement gave us a thirst of thought.

Moving on, he had many jokes and what I refer to as “trick questions” when he gave us an overview on how to make sound logical reasons and how to distinguish if an argument is true/false, illogical or otherwise.

Here is one joke that really sold us into bursting into laughter:

“Anong pangalan ng anak ni Superman at ni Supergirl? Superboy.” (What is the name of Superman and Supergirl’s child? Superboy.)

“Eh ano namang pangalan ng anak ni Batman at ni Catwoman? BaCat?” (What is the name of Batman and Catwoman’s child? BaCat [ a Filipino word which indicates that a certain body part is seen even through the surface of his/her clothes]) <This one was the real outtake of the class.

But , being the good logic guy that he is, he followed, “Hindi. Ang pangalan ng anak ni  Batman at Catwoman ay Ricky.”

We all asked why. Then he said: “Anong paki niyo kung Ricky and pangalan ng anak nila?”  (Who cares if they named their son Ricky?)

And here was the logical (but tricky) argument he gave us to ponder about:

“No unclever is not non-stupid.” <This stresses me out I find it very hard to ponder about it.

Well, let me get to the point of why I really wrote this post.

A well-known writer once told his audience at a conference that: “You should write what you live by.”

You should be the embodiment of whatever you write, especially when it’s made for public view.

Given the logical relevance of this, I think that whenever you teach someone, give advice to someone or even when you just share your point of view to someone, you should make sure that you “practice what you preach”, because it adds credibility and integrity to whatever you pen or whatever goes out of your mouth that is given an audible perception.

Given the power of the pen and the thrusting capacity of words from one’s mouth, if one wrongly says or writes something, it is a “one miss you die” chance because of the social effect mileage it can go which can influence people to believe it without you even embodying it. It is an understated [or maybe not] form of hypocrisy, if one puts it that way. 

Well, I guess I just segued the real point of this post from what you thought I was supposed to talk about. I can’t talk about logic, because I’m no good at it [as of the moment], but hopefully, I can learn it as time passes.

I might [slim chances of possibility, as my English class thought me] post some of the manuscripts I’ll pass for a literary folio that I work for, but as of now, I simply can’t tell whether I can make up my mind to so or otherwise. ‘Til the next post. xx


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