Indirect Issues ( A Delayed Post)

Hi.  I really, really failed to post personal chronicles recently, since I am busy working on articles for the publication I work for and other academic stuff. But one thing’s for sure. I did not fail to send at least a few (with a few, linguistically speaking it means a lot) tweets about my day, my tasks, my feelings, and all the shrouds of emotion, food, and whatsoever that I have in mind. Honestly speaking, I am not really sensitive about people’s feelings towards me or towards the way I act or the way I do with my daily life. In any way I put it, I don’t really feel if people can’t stand to put up with my online shenanigans, thus I am heading towards the real point of this post. Micro-blogging is a whole new world in itself, as it provided new horizons for people to share whatever goes into their mind which are basically are of human interest and/or most of the time just nonsense banter, whines and rants about cravings, schoolwork and other stuff. Personally, I am a huge fan of micro-blogging sites, particularly Twitter, and if you go see my twitter feed, you will really see a handful of nonsense and sometimes rational tweets.

Well, I believe that owning a micro-blogging and/or social networking account is like Burger King’s “Have It Your Way”, it’s just that we are entitled with responsibilities and limits. We have followers, these people read up whatever their eyes set sight on in their lapse times scrolling through their feed, and if they don’t like something, they just skip it and not give a fuss [can I use f*ck?] about it. But in some cases, things are different, because not all followers don’t give a f*ck about the nonsense that you post, they actually make a big deal out of it, and attacks (or even bombards) you with “indirects”.  Well, it can hurt you in a way you can’t control if you care about it, but it’s nothing if you take it for granted.

Well, to keep this post short,  I want to give some unsolicited advice to all “Indirectioners” out there, just press the unfollow or the unlike button if you don’t like what you’re seeing on your feeds. It will do you a huge favor. xx


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