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At A Lost For Words

Hi. So this post isn’t about a life chronicle [yet] or whatever, I just took advantage of the certain “writing streak” I get every once in a while. Like my previous post, I’m going to talk about the sadness I still cannot explain. Judging from the title, I think I can derive points from the things I want to steer clear away from.

I think shedding a tear every once in a while is good, but what if it affects you further?

My days have been really happy, though, but at the end of the day something stings. Something knocks me off of my happy reverie and switches it to sadness. I come home to a happy place, with a happy family, with a happy life. But how about the time when I fail to catch some sleep because I just reevaluate myself and feel miserable altogether? Nights like these really suck. I don’t know where the problem is, I don’t know what the problem is, and I don’t know why there exists such a problem.

Maybe I lack emotional, psychological or even spiritual stability. But maybe this is just some product of my overthinking.

I really hope the next post will be less melancholic. xx


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