Hi. This is my first literary blog post, ever since I started blogging and ever since 2014 kicked in. I dedicate this to my reader/s, because I feel that most of us [including myself]  all have this “caught off-guard” kind of feeling with the rapid passage of time and how rapid things change with it. I hope you guys will appreciate it just as much as I do. 🙂

Each day I tend to think
I push my boundaries to the brink
I am nonetheless caught off-guard
By an absence I still fail to comprehend.

Questions unanswered by the night sky and the quite realms of bed
Seeps through my mind, thinking, “What’s ahead?”
Inferiorities that seem impossible
I face with my mind still fleeting
A disorganized disposition,
Or just a mean streak of feelings?

I value you more than I value my own
You’re a necessity, a need, my sigh of relief
You are either the calm or the cause of my grief.

Maybe if we were not plotted in this world as we are,
We can work things out.
Though as of now,
In my thoughts I am left to drown.

You can leave comments if you think I should push through with writing stuff like these or if you just want to talk about anything. I think this year’s the year to effectively communicate with people and try to understand their own dispositions, not just my own. I’d be posting more about my holiday season a little while later. Happy New Year! xx


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