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Love and The “Feels”

I maybe writing this without the help of my spontaneous initial manuscript, but I know I can write about this fully just from my mind, which in fact, controls the heart. I really feel that it is too old and boring to start off with posing the question: “What is love?”, so by the power and freedom vested on me to write about my opinion, I will now proceed.

Love, yes, the whimsical, outright unfathomable and sometimes even crazy abstract thing that exists in our not-so-perfect world, filled with not-even-close-to-perfect people. Love, the feeling or emotion or inanimate idea that is given emphasis in connections, relationships and many other socially binding concepts. Love, the tool used by businesses to be able to sell different things with hearts, flowers, chocolates and everything nice as Valentines Day is fast approaching. Love— the thing that allegedly makes the world go round. So what about?

Love, like one’s existence is bounded and regulated by countless unwritten laws to live by. The entirety of one’s vocabulary, or even a dictionary itself is not —and is never enough to describe it perfectly. Just like everyone else, I believe that the Perfect Book [and I doubt you don’t know what it is] has summed love up. It has pointed out every inch of love that we’re all trying to decipher, and with this belief I strongly stand for. From it, I know love is really not a complicated thing, just being far-from-perfect human beings makes it like that.

Based on personal experience, I’ve not been involved in any kind of romantic and even erotic [not even close!] relationships. But I still know the feeling of being loved by God [despite arguments of His existence], my parents, relatives, friends and even animals. In instances wherein I feel like giving love, it was never mutual, which is a sad thing. Despite this, losing faith in love was never an option. I knew there is no other choice but to still cling to love even if it does not cling to you back. This makes life bearable and worth going through.

I’ve seen different people with different stories in different situations, all taken by storm by love. Stories of forgiveness, vengeance, success, sex, motivation, intervention, distances and breakthroughs participated by love. It gives me hope, hope that someday I’ll be able to experience any one of these kinds of stories, thus giving me the feeling so indescribable, netizens just decided to coin as the “Feels”.

From a personal standpoint, “feels” are driven by an insane feeling, pretty much from something you’ve either read, watched, written, done or have heard of. It makes your heart beat really fast, your mind go to imaginary places you’ve never been before creatively, and just changes the course of your day and makes you look forward to another one. The mere existence of such things gives love more exposure, increases its mileage, increases its level of possibility. Conclusively, both love and the “feels” can channel you hope.

As we live in a time when all things are deemed as difficult, where all things are seemingly hard to find, when everyday feels like another day to back down and just choose to stop taking on life’s problems, when everything good seems to just slip away within a nanosecond, I think channels of hope are exactly what we need. If uncertainty is our present, why not go back to where we started, from the point where everything sprang forth, which is love— love that can push us further, either to the brink or most of the times, to the apex of something we’ve always wanted to achieve, to acquire and to be with. The “feels” could just be our guide towards feeling love in the right way, within its right terms, within our possible and actual capabilities despite our imperfections as human beings. Love and the “feels”— the two things we need to ponder and invest on in this virtually disintegrating world.


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