Traversing Tagaytay (A Long Overdue Post)

Hi! 🙂

As seen on this post’s title, this travel log is long overdue because me and my family went to Tagaytay all the way back in January, and if you’ll come to think of it, April is here, so roughly it’s been 3 months since this vacation actually took place.

Anyways, what happened in Tagaytay was so great and memorable that even if it’s long overdue it is still worth blogging about.

It’s my second time being in Tagaytay and the view and the food and the atmosphere there makes me feel like it’s always the first time. There’s always something new, something exhilarating, something refreshing about the place. But before we actually got there, we had our first stop in the South’s thriving lifestyle hub– Nuvali Evo Living.

1601505_790292177653273_1014221675_n 1545044_790292694319888_764549390_n

The fish feeding was so fun! Those tiny, bright orange fishes really fight for the food thrown by the tourists, which makes them very entertaining to watch. Nuvali is also a great biking spot for those of you who are biking enthusiasts [like me lol]. It also houses Solenad 2, a shopping complex that has different lifestyle shops and food hubs [yes!] that you usually find in malls in the metro.

Next stop after Nuvali, was the Good Shepherd Convent in Tagaytay.


(#ootd: Chambray shirt and Navy Blue camisole from Forever 21, Red Dye Cutout Denim Shorts from H&M)

Well, it is here in this convent’s compound that I decided to do my outfit shot. I knew beforehand that we weren’t scheduled to visit The Picnic Grove, known for it’s prime view of the Taal Volcano,  and if you’re in Tagaytay on a January in shorty shorts  with a 19 degrees Celsius temperature, you’ll freeze to death [not literally but almost there].

The Good Shepherd Convent is known for its dairy products and other sweet and delicious treats. What we tried from there was their Guyabano Shake, and I am telling you, it’s a WINNER! 🙂

Next stop, we went to the People’s Park In The Sky. This structure was erected during the Marcos regime to serve as their vacation house [as what the locals have told us]. Unfortunately and honestly speaking, I find this place really sad and taken for granted. It should’ve stayed in its great splendor back in its glory days but lack of political will and rampant vandalism among tourists have damaged it so much. It is located at the highest point of Tagaytay [as far as I’m concerned], and from their you can see the entirety of Tagaytay and Taal in a whole new perspective. Here are some snapshots:

1512474_790300694319088_1209836539_n 552659_790301954318962_734271010_n

We rented out an apartment called the “Foggy Heights Villas”. It was very cozy and very comfy! Too bad I didn’t get a few good shots of the place, but I’d definitely come back!

We also passed the Skyranch Tagaytay. I called it off because I was too lazy to line up in queue lines and wait for such an expensive ferris wheel ride [sorry for my straightforwardness]. But I took a moving snapshot of the glimmering lights of the humongous ferris wheel!


Since Tagaytay is located in the highlands, and is also known for its banana and pineapple plantations. And given that the weather is cold, why not try the food that keeps the locals warm? None other than the famous Batangas Bulalo!

And speaking of bulalo, there’s this guy who stirred up TV and the social media because he caused a disturbance when he wasn’t served with what he drunkly requested, which was the “Bulalo na Sinusupsop”. Here is an e-card of him that I personally made in admiration of how bad he wanted to have a hot serving of the “Bulalo na Sinusupsop”:


This guy,  also known to many of his ‘fans’ as “Bulalord”, now has Facebook fan pages and an app made for him. How cool is that?

Anyways, back to my weird appetite for Bulalo back in Tagaytay.

We explored the city market and the authentic Batangas bulalo restaurants nearby. We also bought locally-grown fruits and vegetables that are cheap and fresh. Nothing’s nicer than a hot bowl of freshly-butchered cow drenched in its own broth with temperatures that’ll make you want to cuddle with someone forever.

Since we stayed there overnight, the next day didn’t fail to convince me that I would never want to leave Tagaytay and enjoy its easy and breezy mornings. Immediately we headed to Sonya’s Garden, located at somehow the outskirts of Tagaytay City, and tried out the bread that they’re famous for—- a form of Spanish bread with what feels and tastes like creamy pastillas inside it. [At the time of writing, I’m actually craving for it!]

Sonya’s Garden is also known as an events place, a haven for single women who wants to know the ‘art of doing nothing’, and for its really alive and vivid gardens, organically grown and tended by the women staying at the place. Sonya’s Garden is indeed a tranquil escape for those of us who would want to escape the realities of the bustle and hustle of urban life. Here are some snapshots:

999228_790309264318231_1763343968_n 1525441_790313104317847_1110842721_n

Some of the signs that can be found inside Sonya’s Garden.

1525564_790314777651013_1031844206_n 282938_790311237651367_1788003896_n

The various flowers floating on miniature water fountains scattered all across Sonya’s.

Before heading home, we still had time to buy fresh cattle cuts, handmade bamboo blinds, and pay a visit to the Church. To top it off, who would want to miss out on the really delicious food offered by Tagaytay’s famous Mushroomburger? Even though they’ve branched out in different parts of the metro, for me it feels kind of different when you eat at Mushroomburger right in the heart of Tagaytay itself.

The ambiance is different, [I think] the taste of the food is different, and it’s just a really refreshing feeling to chew on really great and delectable treats in a place that’s so good, you’d never want to leave.

I can say that we’ve traversed Tagaytay with a different approach as compared to our first trip there. It made me feel like I should travel more this year, especially that I’d be turning 18 quite soon and to explore new things is a  great way to prepare to embrace womanhood.

‘Til my next travel post. I promise it wouldn’t be long overdue anymore. xx


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