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23 Things Only Girls With Guy Best Friends Understand

Number 12. Yes.

Thought Catalog


(1) People will always assume you’re dating. They will ask you repeatedly. Gush about you. Demand that you give them a chance (because it’s obvious you’re meant to be) and tell you that you should totally date.

(2) Some girls will hate you. There’s always that girl who’s vying for your best friend’s attention. Maybe because he’s hot, or because he’s the lead singer of the college band. And he will always have a sizable fan following, including some overly infatuated girls. They will hate you. Bitch about you. Call you names. Give you the cold shoulder. Anything, because they can never shift the spotlight from you. It’s always you first, before any of them, in his eyes.

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(3) People will joke about how they are your bodyguards. At least they seem to  think it’s a joke. It’s not. These will go WWE on anybody to…

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