Literary, Personals

To The Girl That Could Be His Next

(Disclaimer: I was never his ex. Not even close.) 

He may be lazy to fix his hair, but he looks perfect in that way.

He might not want to talk to you because he’s playing video games, but he will surely make time for you.

He makes extreme stuff look as easy as breathing.

He may sing to you at times, but you’re lucky to hear his lovely voice.

His talents and capabilities are numerous, and he exudes them at times you won’t think he will.

His small gestures may seem like they’re nothing, but he is a natural gentleman.

He can often make all of these wacky faces, but each and every one of these faces is equally priceless.

His smile is a window to his thoughts— treasure it.

He may seem grumpy, or scruffy, or goofy, but he will treat you with the way a woman wants to be treated.

He can be witty or frank in a number of ways, but he does this to compel you to be better.

He can be rude, but do understand that he has his own down times, too.

He can look at other girls, but at the back of his mind, you’re his only one.

When he is talking, listen intently to every word he utters.

Look into his eyes, for these very eyes can make you believe in countless possibilities when you’re together.

When he takes your hand, give it unconditionally, and always hold it like it’s the last time you will.

Never fail to see the minute things he does for you, never falter to value him like he is your only strength, your only world–

Because for me, he still is.


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