Lost in Laoag (Part Two of Day One)


As promised, I finally had enough will power to write Part Two of Day One before I go and have #DigitalDetox in time for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday [and hopefully until Black Saturday]. Anyways, here it goes!

Third stop: Paoay Sand Dunes Adventures

As you all know, I’ve been quite a sucker for adventure in the recent years. I quite like being adventurous given the chance to do so. Because of that, conquering the Sand Dunes of Paoay didn’t give me any second thoughts, nothing held me back. And the next things that happened were epic. Here are some outtakes:


(A jump shot with the fambam!) 


(The 4×4 Sand Dune Riding Adventure!)

That 4×4 truck you see right there, is capable to do twists and turns and bumps on steep sand dunes and riding it will definitely make you scream your heart out! There were no safety equipment, no guaranteed casualty insurance, just constant reminders like: “Hawak lang, hawak lang!”— just pure, ultimate adventure [with danger!]  If you ought to try this, don’t worry though, because the drivers and aides are always there to assist you and assure your safety, because they’ve been trained and they’ve been doing this everyday for years! We were really fortunate we were safe after that ride, but riding it was really worth it, especially if scenes like these comes next! (Click the link!)

Sand Boarding (First Trial)

The next trial I’ve done was pretty much harder than the first one. Everyone else did great when they sand boarded while standing up, but me, well, nervousness took on me. Haha! Well, this is a “blog-exclusive” video of me sand boarding whilst standing up! 🙂

After the trip to the Sand Dunes, we headed back to Laoag City town proper for some much-awaited local dinner. On the way, little did we know that our bus transforms into a party bus— yes, a party bus [!] complete with disco lights, karaoke and great times with bus mates that are total strangers to us.

Once we got to the Laoag town proper, I started falling in love with the place. It feels like I’m just a few hours away from the metro, it felt like I was home. We got the chance to try the local cuisine, especially the Ilocos Bagnet [yes, the liempo thingy I told you], and the Ilocos Longganisa [a garlic infused longganisa that you’d definitely love] and Genuine Pinakbet Ilokano. Too bad I didn’t take pictures of it but they are really worth trying once you visit Ilocos Norte.

That wraps up Part Two of Day One of Lost in Laoag, hopefully you enjoyed watching my sand boarding adventures (and the blooper-looking second video) just as much as I do. I’ll definitely post “Postcards from Pagudpud” really soon and I hope that you guys will like it too! Thank you so much for reading my travel posts, it definitely means a lot to me. 🙂

I hope that your Lenten season may be fruitful and memorable. May God bless us all with His Unending Love and Mercy, as reflected by his sacrifice on the cross.

On to the next one!


Marla 🙂 







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