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Don’t Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

I maybe your best friend, but all the advising I’ve been doing is my own Greek tragedy.
“If you fall in love with your best friend, you risk being dealt the tragic task of giving him girl advice.”

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Fede Racchi image – Flickr / Fede Racchi

I know that your favourite romantic comedies appear to be pulling for your relationship with every dollar in their ridiculous budgets, and I know that there are a trillion catchy songs to sing along to, at the top of your lungs, that make you think that maybe, just maybe, this song could be written about you (Thank you, T-Swift). All you need is for them to realize it.

You can watch the movies. Just promise me that you’ll remember: that was not a documentary. Listen to the songs, but commit the tune to memory, not the lyrics. Don’t let them adhere to your brain, or worse, your heart.

Don’t succumb to the pretty words that your friends will invariably bait you with, no matter how often they say I Bet You Two Will End Up Married or Why Don’t You Tell Him How You…

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