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17 Ways You Suddenly Know You Want Her In Your Future

I hope someone might actually want me to be in their future, or at least.

Thought Catalog

There comes a time when you realize you’ve begun to imagine a woman in your life, specifically, in your future. Little things change – decisions, outlooks, opinions, buying patterns. Here are 17 ways you might notice that you’re changing. If you catch yourself doing these things, well, clearly you want her in your future.

Khanh HmoongKhanh Hmoong

1. Certain television commercials, ones that’d you normally skip or change the channel to avoid, suddenly they aren’t as annoying. Like, you still don’t care very strongly about toilet paper but you like to make sure you have the good stuff for her.

2. Your first thought when checking social media is to wonder if she’s posted anything new. This thought embarrasses you as much as it makes you smile.

3. The way you once felt when your team won, or when you landed a trick, or finished a level, you now feel a…

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