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My Life, Lately [Part 1]

A two to three week long blogging hiatus never hurt nobody.

There’s been a lot going on in my life, thanks to the 4 month-long summer vacation that has given me all the time in the world. I don’t know where to start, really. I’ve been trying to get my shit together as I’m on my way to being a full-fledged adult. Well, things have been kinda crazy too. Hopefully this blog post looks as planned out as it is.


Reflections I’ve made as I waded through daily life has enabled me to list down things I want to accomplish/improve/work on before I turn 18 this October. I don’t know if this is being mature or not but I want things to be planned out, and turning 18 definitely kick starts the need to do such thing. Without further due, here’s my official “Pre-18 Bucket List” or what I fondly call as my #GettingMyShitTogether List.

(Those with ** are already accomplished; * are works-in-progress)

1. Have the following Government ID’s

[No more time for Fake ID’s and juvenile delinquency, who doesn’t like a girl with legit identification cards?]

**> Tax Identification Number ID

** > A Non-Professional Driver’s License

> Voter’s ID

> Passport [I want to travel the world. Who says I can’t #ThinkBig? With dreams, size does matter.]

2. Learn new things! [Disclaimer: I am not/sort of/ kinda doing this for men. You choose.]

> How to control my bike gear [It’s like a bike’s stick shift, according to trail terrain and steepness]

> Learn to operate a motorcycle [Men can’t resist girls that have a way with wheels.]

> Learn how to drive ** [Men can’t resist girls with the love of speed.]

> Re-learn skateboarding. [Men can’t resist girls that can do extreme sh*t.]

> Learn a new language. [Preferably French or Korean. More of my Korean madness on Part 2]

3. Be more responsible!

> Practice waking up early * [I am currently waking up early to view Korean TV Shows and attend my Aero classes]

> Go to bed early [This is a bit impossible, even if I’ll regret it the next morning.]

> Be more hands-on to my dog, Princess [Can’t, because she’s always bitching at me]

5. Increase productivity!

> Write stories [Haven’t mustered enough guts to write a short fan fiction, yet.]

> Blog some more [Kill me now.]

> Be hands-on with publication tasks * [You should work for what you love, and with the help of this, I’m actually doing so!]


> Control eating. * [As I’ve tweeted earlier: “Can’t curb my cravings, because knowing that there’s leftover pizza in the fridge can ruin one’s diet”]

> Drink more water. *

> Detox more * [ Senna laxatives, coffee and fruit infused water actually helps.]

7. Rekindle old friendships. [More of it on next blog posts]

8. Make new ones! [Girls gotta have her new homies!]

9. Travel more [If I can, but because I’m financially incapacitated at the moment, there’ll be a time for that.]

10. Be more confident. [Weight issues. More of it on next blog posts.]

11. Target Shooting with Dad. [Girl’s gotta have a way with ’em guns.]


> Make Money [What will you save if you don’t have one?]

> Buy some stuff for myself [Save and make money first.]

> Save up and be financially responsible. [I would need divine intervention for this.]

> Enter a business venture *  [ Follow @baghaulph on IG!]

More of My Life, Lately soon. On to the next one!


Marla 🙂 


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