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To The Girls Who Have “Almost” Boyfriends

Thought Catalog


I know exactly what it is like to be you. You have a guy right? Or so you think. Maybe you have been “talking” for a while now, days, weeks, months, hell maybe even years. Anyways, what I’m saying is that it has been awhile and I’m willing to bet that the large majority of you have never said a word to him regarding your “status”. Which I totally get, because it would be weird and awkward and you think that its better to not ask and not know at all rather than asking and risking getting what you thought was a functional relationship obliterated into a thousand pieces.

So you sit, and think situational thoughts. Maybe you get to a point where you convince yourself that you are exclusive and maybe that he is such a great guy that he didn’t even feel the need to say anything…

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