Being in Baguio (A Review)


I’m back after what is a month-long blogging hiatus, and I sort of struggled to think things through and thought of what content shall I post after being lost for so long.

Well, the truth of the matter is that school’s over and my dad took us to an adventure I’ve wished for so long — to go to Baguio.

We went to Baguio as part of my Dad’s birthday celebration last November 27-28, and it was his surprise for me after going through such a challenging semester and a quick break from the hustle and bustle of life in Manila.

It being a surprise, I had to plan the trip in just 2 days time and we had to secure reservations here and there, and I also had to make sure that everything we intend to do in Baguio will be smooth-sailing.

Dad found this touring agency online and he asked me to coordinate with them to plan our trip. Imagine, you’ll get to tour almost all of Baguio’s famous tourist spots with just PHP 2000 deposit! It was pretty unbelievable, and some online establishments don’t really exist, so I was pretty cautious and hesitant at first, but, when I talked to Ms. Jo-Ann Dawang of Sir Jelyjoy Tour Packages, I knew that they were legit.

Sir Jelyjoy Tour Packages is a family business of Mrs. Jo-Ann “Joy” Dawang and her husband. Both natives of Nueva Ecija, they came to love Baguio and started a travel and tours business, working and coordinating with transportation companies and all sorts of accommodation to suit their clients’ needs. I personally met both of them and they will really let you feel like you have a kin in Baguio. Trust me, they’re legitimate, and they really take care of their customers, providing the best services and a great experience of what Baguio has to offer.

So in a whirlwind, we smoothened things up, packed our bags, and headed on to the City of Pines.


Victory Liner was our go-to transportation company for this trip, and I’ve got to say that their service is pretty good. Their buses were in good condition, their drivers wore proper uniforms, drove with utmost care, the trip was pretty smooth and fast, and the in-transit cinema showed great movies, too.

I’ve got to admit, I’m a sucker for Free WiFi and it was *gasp* unbelievably reliable and the connection was pretty fast.

I’d also like to commend their bus’ cleanliness. It was fresh out of the carwash [or bus-wash, I suppose]. I’ve had enough of Manila’s filthy transports, and I’ve got to say Victory Liner was an exception.  The window sills of their buses were squeaky clean and it was not gross to lean on the windows or rest your arm on the armrests because everything was really clean.

The stopovers where Victory Liner took us were good too, and it was scheduled properly [more like it is kind of synced with it’s passengers’ urine levels].

So after the 5-6 hour trip, we were finally up in Baguio, and part of the deal with Sir Jelyjoy tour package was for us to be chauffeured to and from the bus terminal and in and around Baguio. Super convenient indeed.

Meet our awesome driver Mang Rudy, or whom we fondly called “Mang Daboy” because his namesake is Daboy himself, the late actor Rudy Fernandez. Mang Rudy has been a driver in Baguio for 20+ years now, and we felt safe with him behind the wheel. With Baguio being a  highly-urbanized city, traffic was also inescapable, but he had a way with it for us to maximize our tour. He recommended great food places, went through the best shortcuts, and took us to Baguio’s lesser known spots. I knew we were in good hands.

Mang Rudy can be contacted through Ms. Joy Dawang of Sir Jelyjoy Tour Packages. For a 4 pax. trip, you will be driven in and around Baguio using this 2004 model Toyota Vios (as seen in photo) which is definitely in peak condition. If your group will exceed 5 persons, other modes of transportation will be available, and the accommodation will be as to your liking.


When we got to Baguio, we stayed at the Baguio Overview Apartelle located at Bukaneg Street, Baguio City.


The apartelle’s ambiance resembled home, and their rooms were great. The comfort room was clean, the room was well-furnished, there was a dresser and a small closet, the location was secure and away from most of Baguio’s busiest streets, the food served at their restaurant was good, and even though there was no air conditioning, it was well-ventilated [duh, it’s in Baguio]. Our room also got the perfect view of Baguio day in and day out (as seen in photo below).

However, the Free WiFi was quite poor. There were a lot of available networks, but almost none of them were working. There was also a cable TV, but it didn’t work, even after we called for the apartelle staff to fix it, so that was quite the downside. But all in all, it was still pretty good. Let’s give it a 3.5/ 5.




I really hope you liked my travel review of all of these services that gave me the best time up in Baguio.

I’ll keep you posted for the next one!


Marla 🙂


You can reach or inquire about Sir Jelyjoy Baguio Tour Packages through their Facebook account:


4 thoughts on “Being in Baguio (A Review)”

  1. sakto yan package tour mo. Nakakuha kasi ako ng travel deal sa cash cash pinoy tapos meron 1 day na free day. Kunin ko kaya si sir jelyjoy? ok naman review mo sa kanya e. Sana available pa sya sa travel date ko. thanks for the info!

    1. Kindly search them on FB and contact them nalang. They’re very accessible and accommodating. Sila na bahala mag-explain sa inyo nung mga particulars ng payments pati nung itinerary. You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. its seems a good pacakge, will try to conatc them, nasanay na ako sa mga cashcashpinoy alike na site in buying our vacation trips. sana nga lang may long weekend pa, I think I need a vacation from the stresfull work

    1. Yes you can look them up on facebook and i-accommodate naman nila kayo agad. Long weekends are coming naman, I think. Tsaka Baguio is the perfect place to be before the hot months kick in! 😊

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