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What I Talk About When I Talk About Lydia’s


It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, since I’ve been quite busy with work and school and my other blog, thepookiechronicles.wordpress.com. But with this   “calm before the storm” kind of weekend, I took the chance to post my thoughts regarding one of the Philippines’ most popular restaurants– Lydia’s Lechon.

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Lydia’s has been around for almost 50 years now, and it has definitely made a mark on Filipino dining culture. It started off with humble beginnings and since then, it has evolved with the changing times and trends in Filipino food, both locally and globally.

Being the #foodie that I am, my lechon craving took me to where Lydia’s all started– at their flagship restaurant at Baclaran.

I started off with their classics, a plate of crispy, sumptuous, signature Lechon, their famous Kare-Kare, and some Java rice to go with it. I topped it off with some Sago’t Gulaman and a bowl of mixed fruits. A heavy lunch indeed!

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As I dined, each bite was an explosion of flavor. My tastebuds were very happy because the Lechon was sublime, as usual. Their special lechon sauce was the icing on the cake, making it stand out not just for me but for everyone else who have tried, tested and trusted Lydia’s.

Well, you know, it is kind of a blogging “rule of thumb” that before you eat, you take a picture of what you’re having. But since I was so busy eating, I totally forgot to take lots of photos of it. Trust me though, Lydia’s is still what it was when it started. It still offers great food with great service, all for very affordable prices, making it one of the country’s well-loved dining places.

I hope I’ve intensified your craving for lechon now more than ever, because seriously, just the thought of it makes me giggly. When I talk about food, I speak from the heart, and when I talk about Lydia’s, I speak as a very, very satisfied foodie. mp

P.S: I’ll keep you guys posted on more of my adventures and recent shenanigans, but for the meantime, please check out thepookiechronicles.wordpress.com for some of my self-published articles!

‘Til the next!


Marla 🙂


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