11037332_10202654487722329_6878704104748988611_nAs the day concludes,
Your light shines vibrantly,
Across oceans, continents and immeasurable distances.

The wrinkles on your face
Great mountains when viewed closer,
Remind me of everything you went through
As you were molded by a powerful force.

Ridges, valleys, and all your little flaws
Doesn’t reflect who you are,
Who you were,
And who you will be.

Then humanity took a step further,
And discovered traces of water
Somewhat your hidden depository of tears,
Whenever you disappear.

As a mere observer from earth,
I am fascinated by your cycle
Of continuous fullness and newness
And back again.

Maybe your fullness and newness
Not just represents your form,
Maybe it also represents your substance,
Something I still cannot fathom.

Your fullness
Of feeling and emotion,
Your newness
Of perspective and prowess.

Keep me enthralled,
Keep me appalled,
Keep me under your spell,
Keep me still and pull me near.

The night was deep
I looked to you intently
Your shine, more vibrant than ever
Made me want to stay.

I tried to obstruct my view
With my petty thumb
I did that everywhere I go
But your presence lingers.

The subtle tease that is the morning
Signaled our separation
A new day with new faces
A new day to go places.

The sun is there
She is waiting.
Time for me to move on.

The sun is there
Be by her side
Let bygones be bygones.

Photo  (c) Mac Norhen E. Bornales 


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