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18 Things That Happen When You Feel Older Than You Are

Now I can justify that I’m an “Aunt” in an 18-year old’s body.

Thought Catalog

The cliché is true: it’s not about the years you’ve had in life, but the life you’ve had in your years. There are an unfortunate number of people who have yet to differentiate physical, human age from the level at which someone has evolved emotionally, psychologically and otherwise. Older generations laugh off 20-somethings, yet some of the world’s most accomplished innovators, titans, philosophers and scientists made their first companies, breakthroughs, and discoveries while young. Indeed, there’s much to be missed if you overlook someone’s soul for how old their body is. This, and all the other things that happen when you feel older than you actually are…

Via Vincentla Flame Via Vincentla Flame

1. You’re weirdly offended when people say you look young. In your mind, it implies you won’t be taken as seriously, or that you don’t seem as mature or capable as you know yourself to be.

2. You find you…

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