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This Is How I’ll Miss You

Thought Catalog

BrigitteStanford BrigitteStanford

I’ll miss you in the morning. Waking up alone is hard to get used to.

Fighting, and avoiding each other is a comfortable place. Even when we’re dodging the other person’s affection, pretending to be asleep when they wake up, it’s nice to know they’re there.

Now I’m overly aware that you’re not here.

I’ll wake up panicked and because it’s morning and I haven’t heard from you yet. Then I remember I won’t.

I’ll miss you when I pick up my phone because I know I can’t reach out.

I’ll miss you without you knowing. In a sea of pictures that are show how much better I am without you. Pictures that show some glorified version of myself that doesn’t actually exist.

I won’t ask about you. I will skirt around your name with mutual friends to an almost noticeable degree. I will tell them about how good…

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