Here’s To More Mature Roles

30th of May, 2015.

It was such an eventful day, jam-packed with errands to do and meetings to be in. It was also the same day we, almost half of the staffers of The Flame, will be going to Tagaytay City to formalize the editorial turnover for the next publication year.


To cut the long story short, it was a day of embracing more mature roles.

It was all fun and games until our posts were announced.

Our editors and seniors– mentors we loved to work with and learned to cherish as family have graduated from the University and eventually would have to take on more mature roles like they believe we’ll do.

Like the rest of the staffers who have been attached to each of their editors and seniors, I guess words aren’t enough to express how much your presence in the little workplace we call home will be missed.

Feels have taken over us individually, making it even harder to let go of the strong bond even more solidified by our memorable Tagaytay trip.

But, it’s an evolution, I guess.

Evolutions in which we grow together, learning to coexist to continue to keep The Flame burning.

Evolutions in which we learn from each other, continuously finding ways to ignite our readers’ intellectual senses.

Evolutions in which normal students like us, choose to tread the path of which we believe we can spark change.


As you venture into the crazy realm of the “real world,” I hope all the memories we’ve had be forever etched in each of your hearts.

All the little things too cheesy to specify, all the little milestones we’ve had while keeping The Flame blazing.

As we move on to live our lives separately as society tells us to, I hope we could still work together and make each other proud.

I appreciate all the love, support, trust and many other values you have shared with me and my colleagues in this “family” that’ll connect us even beyond our years. F


On a final note, I say, “Here’s to more mature roles!” 


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