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To The Girl Who Thinks She Can Be Alone Forever

Thought Catalog


You are amazing, you know that, right? You are beautiful, strong, confident, carefree, passionate, and independent, which sets you apart from the conventional chic. You are no damsel in distress and definitely not a spoiled little princess. You choose to be alone rather than to take another shot in love because you’re scared that your heart might get broken again. A lot of people keep on telling you — try to convince you, actually — to go back to the dating world and just enjoy the ride because you’ve been roaming around the independency lane for quite a while and someone needs to pull you out of there.

Don’t get me wrong; everybody needs to learn how to be independent. Having alone time is healthy, but a lifetime alone? Well, that’s a different story.

It’s great — remarkable, perhaps — that you manage to eat alone in a fine…

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