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October 29, 2013


So I skipped a day of posting a blog entry for yesterday, and I feel a bit guilty. Well, it was another normal day, except for a major coincidence I didn’t see coming.

As I was strolling through some shoe stalls at the department store, I saw my best friend’s sister, and it really took me at least 5 seconds to process what was happening. My initial reaction was: “Asan ang ate mo?” And there was Pat, my best friend from high school whom I haven’t been able to catch up with for months was right there, alongside her other siblings, her mom and her grandma. It was a brief chat with her since we didn’t have the luxury of time, but it really felt so good to be with her after those busy college months.


I am left with a question I always have when I experience something surprising. I always think of particular things or persons (like I feel like I’ll have pizza tonight or I thought about him/her today, how could she be doing?) and then eventually they show up. No joke. I am serious. When I think of something, suddenly they happen. Maybe I can apply in my life the saying: “Be careful what you wish for.” Fortunately, so far of all the things I’ve been thinking off, which eventually happens, all of them are positive. Oh well.

Today is another day [to be a mouse potato].

I woke up at around past 9, bought instant noodles to eat for breakfast, neglected the thought of exercising, sat down in front of the computer all day long. As of the moment, I have not bathed both my dog and myself, because of the laziness and procrastination I’ve possessed the entire day. Another thing is that, it’s obvious that tomorrow’s gonna be the 30th, the day that we’re scheduled to leave for La Union, but still, I haven’t started packing [yet].

Being the mouse potato that I am, I just decided to watch the film adaptation of the book I’ve been reading. This book [and the movie] is entitled “Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me” which is written by Mr. Eros Atalia, a professor at the University where I am taking up my Journalism degree. He has been awarded with several literary writing awards and he is also a writer for a tabloid. A friend of mine suggested that I check out his works, notably “Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me” because it has a really great story (apart from the fact that it is a GREAT Filipino Indie film). I found it funny, sensual and inspiring, because of the thought that there is really a fine line between friendship and love.


At the 15th InkBLots, Mr. Eros Atalia was one of the speakers, and he gave a talk about Filipino Journalism. Before his talk started, I went to where he seated at the hall and asked if he can sign my book. I also asked if he will be my prof for next semester’s Philippine Literature subject, but he said, “Ano namang karapatan kong magturo ng Phil. Lit?” [laughs] Sire Eros was really a cool guy! After the signing the note he left in my book says:


Hanapin ko daw si Jen. But the real question is, how will I find Jen?

Well, as I read this book I am still left wondering how I can find Jen. Is she within me (feeler) or is she within someone else?

Maybe I should take a bath now, and start packing my stuff for tomorrow morning’s trip.

I may not be able to post for 2-3 days but I hope I can capture some of the significant moments I’ll have in La Union.

Advanced Happy Halloween and All Souls’ Day. xx


The Commercialized Holidays


Here are some of the random thoughts I had while watching various advertisements on my lapse time in front of the perpetual television screen:

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to go against tradition, all of the stuff you’re about to read are my own opinion. Reader reaction control is advised.

> Here in the Philippines, the countdown to Christmas is really a big deal.

> When the 1st of September kicked in, almost all of the TV ads are Yuletide-themed.

> Special feature shows, lifestyle shows and the like are already encouraging people to shop for Christmas. Hey, It’s more than a month away and we still have time, we do not need to rush!

> The only good thing about the commercialized holidays are the holiday-themed shorts (with shorts I mean short flicks that are inspirational and made independently). These “shorts” are really inspiring, heart-warming and serves as a reminder of the “real essence of Christmas”.

Let me add this:

> Since as of the moment, people are celebrating/commemorating Halloween (I don’t know why but they just do), there are lots of Halloween specials and stuff all over TV. When you switch the channel, the thing they air is scary. You watch a sitcom, the thing they talk about is scary, too. Even the TV ads are scary. This season creeps me out, seriously. I wish they could air something that can be considered “viewer-with-heart-problems-friendly”.

Well, these are just some of my sentiments about the television landscape. I admit, I patronize both mainstream and non-mainstream media, and I appreciate them at an equal scale, but sometimes, the mainstreams have gone too far. In my own opinion, they’ve been trying to steer viewer’s minds into thinking that the holidays are all about extravagant banquets and excessive shopping. Well, I hope just like the “shorts”, which I love dearly, they steer people’s minds into thinking that the holidays is a reminder of the humility present when Jesus was born, and the special Christmas values inculcated in us for everyone to uphold. (Nuxxxxx hahahahaha!)


Daily Stories

October 27, 2013


Today’s a Sunday. The day allotted for our spirituality and leisure.  Being the Sabbath Day that it is, we went to the Nuestra Senora De Los Desamparados (Our Lady of The Abandoned) Parish in Marikina City. This church is of great significance to me, since I was baptized here and my family goes here regularly. Here is a short info about OLA Church:


(text from the  National Historical Institute) 

Last year, they launched a renovation project for the parish, called “A Beautiful Church for a Beautiful Lady”. which aims to raise funds for the parish’s renovation as well as other necessary improvements, and after a year, I am really amazed with how beautiful the church turned out to be. See this:


(The beautiful aesthetics of the Our Lady of The Abandoned Church in San Roque, Marikina City.) 

The aesthetic effect that struck me the most were the ceiling decals. At first, You’ll think they’re really carved on concrete, but NO, THEY’RE NOT— THEY’RE 3-DIMENSIONAL PAINTINGS of the common church decals. I can’t stop marveling at the intricate craftsmanship manifested all over the church. Indeed, it became the Beautiful Church for the Beautiful Lady.

Right after the mass, we went to one of my happy places– the mall.

Well, it was just a random stroll here and there, but it turns out my family had the “retail therapy” thing going on. Here are some snapshots:


(Beef Brisket and Wanton Noodles from Luk Yuen Chinese Restaurant) 


#ootd (Graphic Top from Jewels, Skater skirt, customized suede loafers, Longchamp bag) 

My family ought to go the cinemas to watch “Captain Phillips” but [fortunately] we came across the Super Outlet Sale at the Megatent @ Metrowalk in Ortigas. It was [partially] exclusive for BPI cardholders and luckily we were. We found really good stuff their– imagine marked [wayyyyyyy] down pieces from brands like Sebago, Hush Puppies, Oakley, Petrol and others.

Today was another fulfilling day of my semestral break. On the 30th, my family might be going to La Union (too bad it’s after the Soul Surf which ends tonight) to celebrate [did I use the right verb?] All Soul’s Day there. Looking forward to more posts and snapshots! ‘Til the next! xx

Daily Stories

What’s Spinning?

Since it is our semestral break, I’ve been digging up my computer, searching my way through YouTube, and trying out my friends’ suggestions on music. What’s hot, what’s new, what’s trending, what has the sickest beat drops and relatable lyrics, what’s great for jamming and for shower performances and the like.

DISCLAIMER: All of my thoughts in this post are my own opinion. Reader discretion (and reaction control) is advised.

So, given the liberty to share some sensible thoughts on this online journal, I now share to you some songs, albums and artists I have been checking out lately:

1: Lorde- The Love Club

Image Image

(photos courtesy of Google Images)

Her music is catchy, soothing and eclectic. Just a while ago, while having my nails done, I heard that she broke Alanis Morissette’s record ( I just don’t know which in particular but the DJ told it on air) when she was just 16 years old! Coming from New Zealand, she has just released her new single entitled “Royals” which was released just in time when Prince George, the son of Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was born.

2: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience


(photo courtesy of spin.com) 

The long wait has been over when JT finally released his new album entitled “The 20/20 Experience”. When you listen to this entire album, it is like a concert of its own. Each song can definitely put you in a different mood. Being the total performer that he is, JT recently won the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs!!!!! I’d highly recommend “That Girl” and “Mirrors” as some songs you start listening to, and swear you’ll get that JT vibe.

3: He Is We- Blame It On The Rain


(screengrab from heiswefansite.com)

Well, I discovered He Is We through a friend’s suggestion and I totally fell in love with their lyrics. I started listening to “Happily Ever After”, “Pardon Me” and some of their other songs but what really got me was “Blame It On The Rain”. Their lyrics are totally relatable, and it has a feel-good vibe. Perfect for a quiet weekend at home or in your “happy place” (if you have one).

4: Up Dharma Down’s “Oo” and “Tadhana”


(photo courtesy of Google Images) 

Some of my friends said that Up Dharma Down was “the greatest thing that happened to OPM”. Well, certainly, I really think they’re right. UDD is the coolest, most soothing and delicately-made Original Pilipino Music I have ever heard. I’m just at a loss for words. They are exceptional. They’ve released their new album, “Capacities” and as of the moment I am checking out more of their music.

5: The XX- Coexist


(photo courtesy of thexx.info) 

This British Indie trio’s music is really something to watch out for. Their music can give you a mix of various emotions occurring all at once. The rhythm, beat and melody of their songs are really, really good. If you want a relaxing, emotional and a completely different music experience, listen to The XX’s Coexist. You will definitely be satisfied.

These are some of the artists and songs I’ve been listening to recently. I look forward to discovering more music that is beyond my playlists’ good ol’ genre range. ‘Til the next post! xx 

Daily Stories

October 26, 2013


So, I am a journalist who is not keeping a journal and today I thought of the need to start an online journal/diary.  But I doubt if I’ll have any readers but, whatever, who cares. Well in other news, I would like to describe my week.

21st of October:  The first day of the 15th InkBlots. It was a national journalism fellowship which was held at my university. I learned a lot from different premier writers (ranging from National Artists to notable columnists in the Metro) that day. I also got the chance to interview Tom Rodriguez, a [totally] hot actor from a recent teleserye aired on national television. Well, I was totally starstruck, but I knew that I needed to handle my feels since I needed to get used to seeing celebrities and other personalities when I become a practicing journalist.

15th InkBlots (photo courtesy of The Varsitarian)
15th InkBlots (photo courtesy of The Varsitarian)
Tom Rodriguez
Tom Rodriguez

22nd of October: The second  day of the 15th InkBlots. Well, there was a new set of key speakers from whom I have learned a whole lot more and once again, I got the chance to interview The Philippine Azkals’ Phil and James Younghusband (their British accent swept me off my feet), Chieffy Caligdong (I look up to this guy A LOT) and Ginebra San Miguel’s Chris Ellis (he is a swaggernaut! [swagger astronaut]). Well, I asked them some words of encouragement for those who is failing to believe in themselves and to those who think that sports isn’t for them at all. All their answers really sprang forth from a true athlete’s heart. Then and there I knew that they really had a passion for what they were doing.  I ended my day with a sense of fulfillment.

(from left to right) James Younghusband, Phil Younghusband, Chieffy Caligdong and Chris Ellis
(from left to right) James Younghusband, Phil Younghusband, Chieffy Caligdong and Chris Ellis

23rd of October: The last day of the 15th InkBlots. Too bad it ended too soon. It was a productive day, and I got the chance to get to know my new friends some more. There was little socialization here and there, but I really felt that the journalism fellowship was really a fulfilling learning experience.

Me and my friends with the 15th InkBlots' Fellowship Night guest, Ms. Joyce Pring
Me and my friends with the 15th InkBlots’ Fellowship Night guest, Ms. Joyce Pring

With all these said and done, I finally had the guts to start my own, “legit” blog.

By the way, here are a few tidbits from the 24th-25th of October, which I consider as the less significant days of my week [so far]:

24th: I was expecting someone but unfortunately he failed to show up. I felt disappointed, and I just couldn’t let him go away that easy with what he’s done. Thank heavens that I had my closest cousin with me at home, and we just spent time together, and of course, since I was feeling the bad vibes all over, I slept [a lot].

25th: Enrollment day! Counting a legit pile of cash in my hands feels so odd. Had lunch with the entire family after enrolling, and too bad we weren’t able to go to the Magnolia Ice Cream Parlor.

Traditional Adobo from Adobo Connection at Robinsons Magnolia
Traditional Adobo from Adobo Connection at Robinsons Magnolia

Today was just a typical Saturday. My mom and I sent off my grandmum and my cousin to the bus terminal as they needed to head home, and then we went straight to the salon to get our nails done. When we finally got home, my tita arrived and brought fettuccine spaghetti for me and I was really, really happy.

This ends my  first, “legit” blog post. I will be posting more thoughts and other stuff every once in a while. xx