Marahas ang Maynila sa’yo, Mahal.

Marahas ang Maynila sa’yo, Mahal. 

Doon kay Maynila, lahat ay nakikipagsapalaran, lahat ay may kanya-kanyang pinagkakaabalahan. Bawat tao’y may sariling interes, at bawat tao’y mistula bang nagmamadali.

Lumaki tayo malapit kay Maynila. Kamakailan lang nang nakita natin ang isa’t-isa na hinahasa ang ating mga sarili para suungin ang pagsubok ng tinatawag nilang “real world.” Hindi kalaunan, sumabak na tayo sa malaking mundo ng urbanidad, sa malaking mundo na tila ba walang puwang para sa tulad nating mga bagong salta, tayong mga sanay sa kalinga ng maliit nating mga probinsya. Si Maynila ang naging daan natin tungo sa mga ito.

Labag man sa ating kalooban, bawat araw pipilitin nating harapin si Maynila. Pipiliting puntahan kahit ayaw, pipiliting paghandaan bawat araw. Gigising tayo na tila ba mga robot na may sinusunod na mekanismo. Pagsapit ng dilim, uuwi tayong pagod na pagod, at mabubuhay na lamang na hinihintay kung kailan magiging maamo sa atin ang marahas na si Maynila.

Subalit, kahit ganito si Maynila sa ating dalawa, may utang na loob ako sa kanya. 

Kung hindi dahil kay Maynila, hindi kita makikilala.

Kung hindi dahil kay Maynila, malamang ay hindi magku-krus ang landas nating dalawa.

Kung hindi dahil kay Maynila, hindi natin maihahanda ang ating mga sarili sa mga pagsubok na balak dalhin ng buhay.

At higit sa lahat, kung hindi dahil kay Maynila, wala tayong pagkakataong magkasama.

Hindi maipagkakaila ang dinulot ni Maynila sa kwento nating dalawa. Si Maynila rin kaya ang magiging panira ng istorya? 

Nakikita ka ni Maynila na nag-iisa. Ganun din naman ako. Alam ni Maynila na parehas tayong nahihirapan, pero pinipilit nating maging matatag. Bagamat mga dayo lamang, pursigido tayong maging matagumpay sa buhay. Maraming kilalang ganito si Maynila, pero wala siyang pinipili.

Marahas si Maynila sa lahat. Lalung-lalo na sa’yo, Mahal. 

Ilang beses ka na niyang pinagod, pinaasa, pinahirapan. Bumabangon ka araw-araw para harapin siya, umaasang gaganda ang trato niya sa’yo, subalit hindi siya marunong magpahalaga. Handang-handa kang manatili kasama siya, pero tila ba mas lalo siyang naging mailap sa’yo.

Minahal mo si Maynila, Mahal. Kailan kaya ako? 


An Open Letter To The Girl He’s Seeing Now


It’s been a while since we last talked.

I knew you personally, and I even grew to like you a lot because I know you’re a really nice person.

But let’s cut to the chase.

I apologize for trying to steal him right in front of you.

I didn’t know you were seeing each other. I liked his company, and I guess he liked it back, maybe that’s why he kept me around.

I only knew you were seeing him by a chain of events:

First, when a little bird told me that he was seeing someone (at first I didn’t suspect it was you).

Second, when I did some sleuthing and cross-checked the evidences (yes, I did that using my skills as a special reports writer).

Third, when I finally confirmed it on a drunk, humid night with my friends. I really didn’t know about it. I swear to the very last drop of my blood.

When he forcibly asked me who was the guy I was writing about (which was obviously him), at first I didn’t want to tell it right away, because he didn’t tell me that he was seeing you.

It wasn’t fair that I spill the beans first.

Then he asked if I wanted to know who you were. I was really angry then, but I don’t know if I’m angry at you or at him, and also, I was really scared to hear your name because a lot of things will change.

I will never be able to look at you the same way again.

I will never be able to look you in the eye out of extreme, heavy guilt.

I can never even mention your name out of pure shame.

For this I apologize.

I apologize for flirting with him right in front of you.

I apologize for forcing him to have lunch with me instead of having lunch with you.

I apologize if I asked him out on a movie night only to flirt with him a lot and have him to myself.

I apologize for all the times that I hugged him and held his hands.

I apologize for writing about him so much.

I apologize for taking too much of the time he should’ve been spending with you.

I apologize for being a home-wrecker.

I apologize for being the bitch I promised myself I’ll never be.

But, do know that I was completely uninformed.

I am deeply hurt not because he turned me down because of you.

I am deeply hurt because a huge chunk of my ego was stepped on.

I will never know how you will view me as a person after the wrong things I’ve done to you.

I can never have the opportunity to personally apologize but do know that I am writing this sincerely, hoping that you would be able to read this and hear my side of the story (as he had probably told you his side of it).

But I’ll leave you with some unsolicited advice.

Don’t take care of him more than how you take care of yourself.

Don’t make him your world (he doesn’t even look like Earth, sorry).

He’s not really worth it (as I once thought he was).

And, leave some love for yourself.

He is his own set of insatiate insecurities he fears to address.

He’s been a loser. He won you over (and a handful of people), but there’s a void in him only he can fill.

And he’s yet to do that.

But again, I’m really sorry. I should’ve stayed in my lane.

Do know that I hope you guys are happy. If you guys work out in the long haul, I’ll personally congratulate you. But if things don’t, you can thank me later (and comfort food’s on me).


The Innocent Home-Wrecker

Daily Stories

2014’s Last and 2015’s First

Hi y’all!

Cheers to a brand new year!!

2014 has been a challenging yet a very rewarding year for me, and if not for most of us. I sincerely hope that 2015 will open more doors in our lives, and will have us enter more rooms to become even better versions of ourselves.

As for my first year in blogging, I know that there is a lot to improve (trust me, I’m working on it) and I really hope that I can share more stories and more adventures with you guys this year.

From the looks of it, January 2015 will be a jam-packed month. The Holy Father will be visiting the country in two weeks’ time and I pray that his visit will help everyone of us as we wade through this year. Another thing is, my 2nd semester in school starts in 3 days (!!!) and I promised myself to work harder so that the benefits I’ll reap from doing great in my endeavors will be seriously rewarding.

Let’s make our hopes our goals. This is a brand new start.


Marla 🙂


Calm Before The Storm

You have been my calm before the storm.

If you could stumble upon this, I hope you are aware.

Your company is my solace after a day’s affair.

Your words are soothing, it is undeniably true.

If I’d be asked to replace whom I trust,

I sure won’t replace you.

Hold me still, keep me in place

Send my worries away, without a trace

I feel safe, it is undeniably true.

If I’d be asked to replace whom I’ll hold,

I sure won’t replace you.

Is it wrong if I harbor my feelings?

Rid me off of my desires and inner cravings,

Your eyes look deeper in my inkling,

You are my calm, the day’s silver lining.



Hindi ko inasahang aabot ako sa ganito.
Malungkot pa rin ako, oo, lalo na kapag nagkikita tayo.

Pinipilit kong isipin na hindi na masakit.
Pero may mga bagay na mas sasakit kung panay ang pagpilit.

Matagal ko nang sinabi sa sarili ko na ako’y titigil na,
Tapos na ang mga panahong sa bawat salita mo ako’y aasa,

Ngayon sa isang bagong damdamin ako nakabaling,
Damdamin rin kaya niya’y babaling sa akin?

Kahit ano yatang gawin ko, wala na.
‘Wag na lang kaya, tigilan ko na?

Matagal na akong niloloko ng puso ko,
Pero ang katotohanan, ang utak ko ang gago.

Sinabi ko noon, mamahalin kita sa paraang alam ko.
Pero ang katotohanan, ano nga ba ang alam ko?

Bukod sa pagsulat nang mga ganitong dibuho,
May mararating pa ba ang mga salita kong ito?

Kailanma’y hindi dadalhin ng ihip ng hangin,
O maging nang mga ulap sa papawirin,

Maging nang mga umiindak sa saliw ng tugtugin,
Ang puso kong ikaw lang ang iibigin.

Daily Stories, Personals

My Life, Lately [Part 1]

A two to three week long blogging hiatus never hurt nobody.

There’s been a lot going on in my life, thanks to the 4 month-long summer vacation that has given me all the time in the world. I don’t know where to start, really. I’ve been trying to get my shit together as I’m on my way to being a full-fledged adult. Well, things have been kinda crazy too. Hopefully this blog post looks as planned out as it is.


Reflections I’ve made as I waded through daily life has enabled me to list down things I want to accomplish/improve/work on before I turn 18 this October. I don’t know if this is being mature or not but I want things to be planned out, and turning 18 definitely kick starts the need to do such thing. Without further due, here’s my official “Pre-18 Bucket List” or what I fondly call as my #GettingMyShitTogether List.

(Those with ** are already accomplished; * are works-in-progress)

1. Have the following Government ID’s

[No more time for Fake ID’s and juvenile delinquency, who doesn’t like a girl with legit identification cards?]

**> Tax Identification Number ID

** > A Non-Professional Driver’s License

> Voter’s ID

> Passport [I want to travel the world. Who says I can’t #ThinkBig? With dreams, size does matter.]

2. Learn new things! [Disclaimer: I am not/sort of/ kinda doing this for men. You choose.]

> How to control my bike gear [It’s like a bike’s stick shift, according to trail terrain and steepness]

> Learn to operate a motorcycle [Men can’t resist girls that have a way with wheels.]

> Learn how to drive ** [Men can’t resist girls with the love of speed.]

> Re-learn skateboarding. [Men can’t resist girls that can do extreme sh*t.]

> Learn a new language. [Preferably French or Korean. More of my Korean madness on Part 2]

3. Be more responsible!

> Practice waking up early * [I am currently waking up early to view Korean TV Shows and attend my Aero classes]

> Go to bed early [This is a bit impossible, even if I’ll regret it the next morning.]

> Be more hands-on to my dog, Princess [Can’t, because she’s always bitching at me]

5. Increase productivity!

> Write stories [Haven’t mustered enough guts to write a short fan fiction, yet.]

> Blog some more [Kill me now.]

> Be hands-on with publication tasks * [You should work for what you love, and with the help of this, I’m actually doing so!]


> Control eating. * [As I’ve tweeted earlier: “Can’t curb my cravings, because knowing that there’s leftover pizza in the fridge can ruin one’s diet”]

> Drink more water. *

> Detox more * [ Senna laxatives, coffee and fruit infused water actually helps.]

7. Rekindle old friendships. [More of it on next blog posts]

8. Make new ones! [Girls gotta have her new homies!]

9. Travel more [If I can, but because I’m financially incapacitated at the moment, there’ll be a time for that.]

10. Be more confident. [Weight issues. More of it on next blog posts.]

11. Target Shooting with Dad. [Girl’s gotta have a way with ’em guns.]


> Make Money [What will you save if you don’t have one?]

> Buy some stuff for myself [Save and make money first.]

> Save up and be financially responsible. [I would need divine intervention for this.]

> Enter a business venture *  [ Follow @baghaulph on IG!]

More of My Life, Lately soon. On to the next one!


Marla 🙂 

I Recommend!

The Heel Project Manila

Hi guys!

I know I haven’t posted anything for weeks, and I really want to catch up [but I have so many things to do]. All my blog has at the moment are reblogged content [mostly from Thought Catalog], but at least I’ve been able to share some with you through those greatly written essays.

Anyways, I’m here to talk about an online shop that is really an example of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here”. It started out as a small online shop selling trendy clothes and bags, and now it has a great number of Instagram followers, resellers and has set up shop at a nearby Robinsons mall. I’m talking about The Heel Project Manila, also known as THP Manila.

It’s a shoe shop very close to me, because it is owned by my dear cousin and her best friend. They started it when they were in college as they were taking up entrepreneurship. They sold Marikina-made shoes, best known for its export-grade quality and craftsmanship. Their shoes have a variety of styles and sizes, perfect for girls [like me] who can never have too many shoes, or, if you want to own a customized pair of shoes, you can also ask them to have it custom-made for you. They’ve been shipping locally and internationally, and they have many resellers trusting their brand and the quality of the products they sell. Just recently, they’ve opened their flagship store and will be launching The Heel Project Kids soon. Image

(Photo courtesy of  @theheelprojectmanila on Instagram)


In this photo, I’m wearing their “Anya” shoe, a brown suede moccasin booties with fringes. Perfect if you want to add a boho twist to your look. It’s also very comfy [ I use it for long walks and when I’m driving] and it’s a great pair to invest in.

After spending quite some time with The Heel Project Manila’s owners, I’ve decided to resell some of their bags, because I saw their attention to detail and their dedication when they have their products manufactured.

You can visit their flagship store inside the Fab Area at the 2nd level of Robinsons Metro East Pasig (near The 2nd Level Parking and Nike Store) or you can follow them on Instagram, it’s

Also, don’t forget to follow my online shop, it’s

On to the next one!


Marla 🙂