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The November Chronicles: It All Falls on Discretion

Hi. If I’d be given a grade for blogging commitment, it’d be an F. November ended in such a rush, and I was able to post only 2 or 3 [or maybe only 1, if my memory does not fail me] blog posts. With this, I am in deep regret.

Well, being a lazy-ass person that I am, let me narrate to you series of events that happened to me this November [and why it can affect the course of my life for the entire semester’s duration that’s left]

When last month came in, publication work also started pouring in. Research here, research there, research everywhere. “Have a love affair with research”, as what my JRN prof told us, is really true. Being in this career path would really make you dig deep into the dustiest and oldest of books and other forms of written and spoken archives, literally. With all the legwork [too bad it doesn’t really lessen my legs’ cellulite]  I’ve managed and am still managing to go through, thank the heavens I’ve finished one article with my co-writer [who is a really great writer and a blessing from up above]. By now I am still stressed with all the stuff I need to work on in order to finish a prestigious issue [inclusive of legacies] that our team is currently working on.

In other news, our block [because using the collective noun “class” to refer to a collegiate section is way too high school] has been in this mishap which concerns our behavior and other God-knows-what-they-are “shenanigans”. I cannot blame “HER” for being really infuriated because I know that our block has been [really] noisy, but for me there is a fine line between being infuriated “just because” and crossing the line of disciplinary measures. Maybe it is an issue of both anger and noise management. I refuse to disclose any other details about HER, but once again, I cannot blame HER. I am not in the position to do so, and I hold high respects for her.

My block has a problem. A SMALL BUT TERRIBLE PROBLEM. Yes, we may be boisterous, noisy and all the other things associated with loudness and disturbing decibel levels, but we have something to be noisy about [sometimes]. It’s just that, given that the noise with sense is only prevalent SOMETIMES, the rest of the time left are all nonsense noise. This caused our problem. We have caused a so-called and deemed as undeniable “Public Disturbance” and yes, no holds barred, we admit it. But this is not an enough reason to hate us for being who we are just because we are loud and just because one is failing to see the bigger picture.  But being part of the noise’s perpetrators [and it’s controller most of the time], I know in my mind, heart and soul that WE HAVE A PROBLEM, and it is not just HER, or a person, or any other eavesdropper. THE PROBLEM IS US, OURSELVES.

In my opinion, the nonsense noise we have are these 3 F’s: “Fangirling, Feels and Fuck”. With “Fangirling”, I have no problem with it, but controlled fangirling can be done. Excessive fangirling is not good. It is bad for your health if you try to mix it with “unsoundproof” wall partitions and other senseless noise carriers. Second is the “Feels”, and again, I have no problem with it, because I tend to have these too [a lot] but as what I’ve said earlier, excessive feels are not good! The noise from “Feels” are not just from the mouth but is also from chair banging, heavy feet stumping on brittle wood platforms and sound-tripping. Third is the “Fuck” noises. These “Fuck” noises are not noises brought about by having sex within the four corners of a classroom [heavens forbid this from happening]. These noises come from shouting different indecent words in either English or Filipino. The word “Fuck” somehow summarizes all the other profane words given out. And once again, EXCESSIVE “Fucking” is not good! What will the other people from the other side of the judgmental panel think when they hear you shout and speak of profanity almost all day? Yes, I speak these kind of words too but I know when to stop. Given all these “F’s”, maybe it all boils down to a solution God-knows-why it is easier said than done.

It all falls on discretion and sensitivity.

Discretion is not really an equivocal term according to meaning with Sensitivity in this issue [sorry, Logical hungover and all], hence, they work hand-in-hand with each other in order to make things work. If one is sensitive enough to hear and feel that the noise is disturbing other rendezvous happening within the perimeter, then one can send brain signals to one’s mouth or to command others to shut the f*ck up by discretion. That is how it works. We are in the right age to be mature enough to have this kind of skill. This skill is not even complex to start off with!

I insist that I am not an expert on noise and classroom management, and not all my opinions are driven home to be right. I am not in a very influential position to be heard, and the sad thing is that those who are given the chance to be heard just adds fuel to the fire [and increases the panic levels among the people therefore causing more havoc]. I am also part of the noise, we are all one with the noise. But please, we are not in the secondary or even elementary levels to need a clingy adviser to guide us in every step of the way. We are left to supervise ourselves, because in the world after all this college stuff, we will be facing harsher conditions all on our own. It is best to start practicing self-discipline now, before it is too late. Falling prey to the hollow depths of arrogance and ignorance of the rules is the last thing you’d want to do right now that you’re in a tight situation like this. I call for change, we all call for a change, and it is easy to start changing from oneself.

I am drained by all this pedagogue-student and student-student drama. As well as the damn noise.

Pardon me for such a lengthy post. It is with a heavy heart that I start the month of December like this. But I hope you’ll understand.

Hopefully I’d be able to post more good vibes posts sooner or later, given the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.

‘Til the next post. Peace on Earth. xx