#YolandaPH and The Unwavering Filipino Resiliency

“The World’s Strongest Typhoon of 2013”

“Super Typhoon”

“Deadliest”, “Strongest”

Those are some of the many attributes the media and the people knew off Typhoon “Haiyan”, or locally, Typhoon Yolanda.

I think if Yolanda was a person, she would be the embodiment of “femme fatale”.

But anyways, have me speak of Yolanda’s meteorological attributes.

(DISCLAIMER:┬áSince I’m no good at writing meteorological stuff, and there are too many facts to write down, those are just some of the things I think one should know.)

According to reports made by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) parts of Eastern Visayas, South Luzon, Northern Mindanao are severely affected by 250 KPH winds. Metro Manila was also partly affected.

The places that were devastated by the typhoon were Tacloban, Leyte, parts of Masbate, Surigao, Aklan, and many others. Even the places struck by the October 15 earthquake, namely Bohol and Cebu, were not spared.

And here is a really heart-warming picture from CNN (I grabbed it from Facebook):


The Unwavering Filipino Resiliency

Having been born and raised in a country wherein typhoons and severe floodings are the status quo, I can really say that my nation is a resilient nation that faces problems and various consequences with hope, courage and the ever-powerful weapon–SMILE. Some take it on a negative note that we lack the seriousness to face the problems we encounter, and that we keep on joking around at the most inappropriate of times. What they don’t understand is that it is our way to alleviate the pain brought about by the problems we face, and it is one of the tools that help us get over with things.

Thus, I end this post with an empowering remark for the victims of the Zamboanga conflict, October 15 Earthquake, and Super Typhoon Yolanda: “The Filipino Spirit is Unbreakable.”